stiff suspension

I have an 03 yz450f with stock suspension and weigh about 175 pounds and always feels stiff even after lowering the fork oil a little bit. Trying to soften it up a little bit without paying for after market suspension any helpful advice.

Man, that is a light 450, 175lbs!! J/K :cry:

My 400 was pretty stiff and I didn't want to spend a grip of money to get the suspension done so the dealer said to drain the stock oil and get thiner stuff, lighter weight oil. Worked for me :cry:.

Did you set your sag or mess with the compression adjustments at all? I have an '03 and it seems a little soft to me.

sorry bike doesn't weigh 175 I weigh 175. what kind of oil did you use and how many cc's from the top?

yes I set my sag at 100mm but still seems stiff in the front

Don't be afraid to play with the clickers, they will make a huge difference. Start with the stock settings and venture from there.

Go to this website for info on setting up your suspension:

even if you soften it up (ie take out compression front & rear), the YZ is a race bike that is internally valved for landing on long jumps so if it is still too stiff for what you are doing with it you may need a revalve.

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