05 WR450 Noise question

I have an 03 WR250, with the throttle stop cut, YZ jetting, Air bok opend up, and an FMF Q pipe. (No I did not remove the Grey Wire) I am happy with the power, but it is too loud for the area I ride in. I am thinking about getting an 05 WR450, or possibly a CRF 450x. I am curious to know if anyone had done the throttle stop mod and or the Grey wire mod, while leaving the stock baffle in the exhaust. I am trying to figure out how powerful/fast the bike can be while still metting the 82db noise level. Thanks.

that hole is like 5/8" my weed wacker has a bigger hole in the exhaust! i really don't think they were meant to run like that for any extended period of time. think about it 12.3-1 compression with 450 cc's at 11,000 rpm through a 5/8" hole :cry:

I have an 05 wr450. I ride with guys with everykind of bike & Muffler. I am by far the quitest!!!! With the stock muffler it is very quite and has good power...I am 230lbs and I could use a bit more very bottom end but I am very happy! I actually want it a bit louder to ward mountain bikers we are coming!

Thanks paudadin. I am very very glad to hear that in stock form the bike is very quiet, and has good power. A slaesman told me that a WR 450 with the stock mufler should be faster than a WR250 with all the Free mods done. If this is true, than I will be seeing blue in the spring. :


no prob...I just removed the baffle and went out for a ride...better hit at the bottom...did get louder. I will be carring the baffler with me and an allen wrench to install if I am in a noise sensitive area. As far as being more powerfull than a wr250...no comparison. I also own a 05 crf250x...both great bikes to be sure, but the diff between a 250 and a 450 4stroke is huge. Trail riding and riding with my kids the 250 is great....here in No Cal we have very big hills. When I am riding hard with the boys on long steep terrain I would not consider a 250. That being said the 450 requires a bit more attention and is 20+ #'s heavier....if I had to pick one..it would be the 450. (I am 6-4, 230)

Good luck! Let me know which you buy!

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