95 octane! Is 93 plus octane booster okay?

I have been putting a little octane booster in with some 93 octane gas in my 04' 450. Is that okay? What do you guys do? The sticker on my front fender says use 95 octane min, where do you get 95 octane besides some out of the way, over priced, preformce center? :cry:

And whats the deal with theses new gas stations using only one pump nozzle for all three octane gases? :cry: If I'm paying for 93 octane I don't want to pay the extra money for the 87 octane thats still in the hose from when the clown before me filled up his Geo metro! :cry: I don't want 87 mixed w/ my 93 and I don't even know I'm really getting 93 in stead of 87 and just paying 20 cents more a gallon for it!!! :cry:

I always try to buy Amoco Ultimate from BP stations ( the "white gas" ) :cry:

Don't use the octane boosters! I have seen on several cases sediment from the additives. It clogs jets and causes problems. You should have no problems running 91 octane. If you can get 93 octane where you are that's fine. You don't need 95 octane like the manual says. I use premium 91 and have never had any pinging or detonation. If you do a search you will see that most people run just premium pump gas. At least those that can't afford race fuel. If you wan't higher octane race fuel is the only way to go.

First, when you see in the manual that your bike requires 95 octane, that's under the Japanese system of using the Research Octane Number (RON). In the US, we take an average of the RON and the Motor Octane Number (that's the "R+M/2" note that you see on the pump). 91 or 92 octane is all you need.

Remember that octane is only one of several fuel characteristics that are important to how the gas will work in your bike. The ONLY thing an octane rating tells you is how well the fuel will resist knocking and pressure induced detonation, and nothing else. Not how much power it creates, how hot it burns, or how fast it vaporizes, just knock resistance. If your engine doesn't knock, you don't need anymore, and the only thing you'll get out of buying more is a thinner wallet.

This will explain the whole thing:


Octane boosters are iffy things. Some are high quality and dependable, others only work in some fuels, and some create problems such as damage to fuel system components. Again, if you don't have a pinging problem, why do you need them?

Lastly, the majority of gas stations have two underground tanks, or two sets of them, for ordinary gasoline. One for regular, one for premium. The mid-grade is a mix of regular and premium, even in the case where the station has three discrete pumps. The 3-in-1 pumps simply take the gas from one tank or the other or both.


Thanks for the info guys, I'll stop using the booster and just use 93 octane.

I used the outlaw off-road octane booster in my bike for two years before I did the upgrade.

BTW, if an octane booster claims to raise your octane anywhere from 2 to 7 points, it means decimal points. In other words, at best, the booster will raise 90 octane gas to 90.7 (but it's probably far less than that).

If you buy your gas in Coke bottles down in Mexico, then you might get the .7 increase when you add octane booster. Maybe. :cry:

I just use the high octane stuff from the pump at Chevron. No problems here...

I used to mix pump gas with VP 110 3:1 and I tried going to octane booster. The bike felt considerably slower. I went back to mixing pump gas with race gas.

you guys dont know what your talking about. Octane booster works fine. I have a highly modified yz250 2 stroke and run 94 with some octane booster and have no trouble. You should buy the booster in a know place like auto zone and buy the octane booster without the lead. The lead is what causes problems, not the octane booster.

i run outlaw booster with my 426 with the high comp piston with good results.yeah i dont believe in paying for stuff i dont need,as far as the gas stations go,i wouldnt doubt if all 3 nozzles went to one tank,who would know?

you guys dont know what your talking about....QUOTE]

lol This guy sounds just like me! I think I have said that to people on here too :cry::cry: ( not this thread though, I'm the one asking for help )

yeah i dont believe in paying for stuff i dont need,as far as the gas stations go,i wouldnt doubt if all 3 nozzles went to one tank,who would know?

Thats what I'm talking about. How do I know some mexican isn't pouring water in the underground tank to make the gas last longer? Next thing I'll know is I'll pull up to a pump and it will have 3 water hoses to choose from :cry:

That would be the sh1t... if our bikes could run off water

If you want to try an excellent octane booster and get more power at the same time, then throw a 1/2 gallon of toluene in the tank with amoco 93 gas. It will kick the octane up to around 98, and since it's a denser fuel it will make more bang.

You guys and your wild gas stories just crack me up.

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