New 05' WR 450 What to do?

Just got my 05' WR 450. Pulled the exhaust insert and sparkarrestor, pulled gray wire, and got the YZ throttle stop. Should I Cut the holes in the side of the air box, or rejet first? If I should rejet, what kit should I use?


Brian M

Holes in airbox is NFG if you do water crossings or soggy MX tracks you could tape them off for conditions but opened you hear induction noise and adds to the total noise produced. bring plenty of filters and the holes will let you know that you did not attach the filter properly.

I'm not sure about the 05 but when I added the JD jet kit it made the biggest difference to date.

Just got my 05' WR 450. Pulled the exhaust insert and sparkarrestor...

Exactly how much do you think you'll gain by removing the spark arrestor? Try being a responsible rider and put it back in. The miniscule performance drop is not worth the chance of starting a forest fire, being banned from public lands or of giving the greenies any more arguments against us. Think like your actions reflect on us all because they do.


I have all intentions of replacing the spark arrestor, but the assembly alone seems a little thin. I am in the process of making a new plate to help support the spark arrestor without breaking it. Do you know if anyone makes a plate for that or have you had any problems with yours cracking or breaking with the insert out?

Looked pretty sturdy to me. I don't think you'll have a problem with it. Just putin all the spacers w/o the baffle.

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