Corrosion, Rust, Help !!!!!

I am storing my XR600R in a costal area where there is a huge amount of humidity and salt in the air :cry: . After a couple months the spokes, rims, bolts, etc have started to rust pretty bad :cry: . Its so bad that if I don’t so something real quick my bike will be a pile of junk within a year :cry: , I cannot let this happen ! Locals spray their car engines etc. with diesel fuel to prevent corrosion, should I do the same to my entire bike ? Other than bad smell, is there any reason why I should not spray the bike with diesel fuel before I store it ? If any of you know of any better way to prevent corrosion that let me know !!! The bike is located in South America and stuff like WD40 is almost impossible to find or way expensive when I do :cry: … So im limited to easy to find stuff ! Thanks…

Diesel should be fine on the engine parts and will probably clean things up a bit, but you may have to keep spraying your bike every so often for it to be effective. If you have any connections with the military or know someone in the firearms trade, you may be able to acquire some cosmoline, which is what firearms and tools are sometimes sprayed down or soaked in for long term storage in various countries. Colmoline is very similar to Vaseline in properties, appearance and thickness. It varies in color from white to yellow and melts at ~115F to ~125F. Removing cosmoline can be done in a variety of ways. Solvents work, but pouring boiling water onto parts covered with colmoline works very well as it melts it off and is more eco friendly. A hot steamer works very well, but you may not have easy access to one.

The guys at the Harley shops "hose" them down with WD40 for storage. It can be removed at the car wash.


The salt up this way :cry: is put on the roads to melt snow, but the effect is the same. For cars/trucks there is Dominion Sure Seal, and NAS FluidFilm (the latter is 5x more expensive) -- both have a gooey/jello like property and can be sprayed or brushed on. The stuff will pick up dirt and get messy mind you (but better than rusting away). If strange chemicals are scarce, maybe visit a petroleum bulk outlet and see what they have available.

Whatever you get, don't forget to spray some inside the frame tubes of that steel framed beast wherever there are access holes already.

warning ... diesel fuel attacks some rubber materials, particularly O-rings, diaphragms, etc ...

you may be able to acquire some cosmoline.

Cosmoline is great stuff and once you cover your bike it will stay for a long time. There are some places in cold weather states that use it as undercoating for cars. It lasts a long time and you should be able to find a gallon of it for a reasonable price. :cry:

Jar of Cosmoline


Excuse me but does'nt a vaseline all over your bike belong in the who has the best looking girlfriend thread?? :cry:

Good point on the rubber. Diesel could have long term affects on elastomers such as EPDM, EPT, Isoprene & Natural Rubber at ambient temps and possibly Neoprene at temps above 100F, but elastomers such as Viton, Nitrile Buna-N & Buna-S should be resistant to Diesel.

Thanks for the advice guys :cry: I have to lean towards the diesel fuel as there is a guy there that will spray the whole bike for me for like 2 bucks :cry: . I ride every couple of weeks and store the bike, then ride agian in a couple weeks, this is not a real long term deal, but I have to do it alot ... I dont have the time or desire to put a bunch of goo on every time I put the bike away, and then wipe it off every time I ride again :cry: . I will look for WD40, it would be easy and fast but im guessing it will cost a zillion dollars in South America :cry: , how many cans does it take to cover it and the rims :cry: ??? If I do end up having to use diesel fuel, will it attack the tires ( dunlop 606's ) ? You all talked about it attacking some rubber, but what parts of the bike do I need to keep it away from ? My rims and spokes are corroding bad :lol: I need to do something quick !!

What about kerosene, would that also attack some of the rubber ? I could also spray the bike down with kerosene or diesel, either one would be just as easy.. I was thinking about cleaning my X-Ring chain with kerosene or diesel, would that attack the O rings in the chain, which is better ?

Kerosene and Diesel #1 are so similiar they're nearly one in the same. Spray away.

a type of fogging oil wiould work for like storin boat motors and stuff or there is some other stuff called fluid film works great for keeping away rust

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