Hanging idel

When I rev the engine the idel tends to slowly return to idel?

Any suggestions?

Due to the colder weather, your jetting becomes leaner which contributes to the hanging idle problem. I have the issue here in cold New England as well as most of my friend's with 4strokes. Try richening the fuel screw a bit. That should cure the issue. Also, let her warm up completely especially in these cold temps.

Yea it could be lean jeting. Or valves outta spec. May need adjusting if it hasn't been done recently.

Gary, yes it is very cold here!

32 Degrees and im riding today :cry:

If fattening up the idle mix doesn't do it for you, or if you end up more than 3 turns out, it's time to check for tight intake valves. If they get below .02mm cold, and they can get to be tighter than zero, the valves will fail to close when hot and cause a loss of intake vacuum that makes it act like this. :cry:

Well I know its not the valves I just checked them, and I rejetted the bike for the cold rips perfect no pops etc. I guess I shouldnt really worry about it I will only ride it for a month or so before I tear it down for the winter.

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