Joe Racer E-Start Kit for sale 650R

Up for sale today, one Joe Racer XR650R E-Start Kit. It was installed and used for about 3 months. Then I bought an Edelbrock and it kick starts first or second time now, so I don't need the button. Read about the kit here:

Truth be told, this kit looks great, bolts right up with no surprises and very little graphic language needed :cry: It took the better part of an afternoon to install, with simple tools. I had to buy a Honda flywheel puller, but the kit has everything else needed.

When I first installed this kit this spring, it would turn the motor over, but not start. I called Joe, he sent me an ignition booster from Monnier(sp) and I installed that. This improved it, however, it would only start every 3rd or 4th try. The battery was fully charged, and all wiring done correctly, however, it would not work *every* time.

Joe is a very nice guy, and has tried to walk me through making my piggy start easy every time. He is understanding, but the kit does not come with a warranty and he would not give me a refund.

After I installed the Edelbrock, kick starting has been so easy, I chose to take the E-Start kit off. I paid a mint for this kit, just under $1500. It comes with everything needed, including detailed instructions. I know this time of year is particularly hard for people to buy toys for themselves, but I am making some garage space and need some money for other projects.

I was hoping to get $500 or so. PM if interested. I'll wait a week and then Ebay it. Thanks guys :cry:

I would be interested, but I just installed an Edelbrock. I had a question about the Edelbrock install, the fuel line on mine is routed very close to the stock header pipe and gets very hot. It that the same on yours? Does the $500 include battery and all wiring?

From what I recall, if your fuel line is close to your header, then there's a good chance you have the line / tube setup backwards. Try reversing the setup and see if that gives you more clearance.

Based on the install photos and description, I have it routed right. I have about 1" of clearance, I was thinking about bradded steel line because the line kinks when it gets hot now.

Piggies like their fuel as cold as possible!

I just used fuel hose, I didn't use the aluminum tube that came with the carb. It touched the header, I thought it was just me because I have a power bomb setup, and the line is right where the buldge is. At any rate, the fuel hose works great, I bought some of that extra thick clear stuff at the cycle shop, put a filter in the middle, and haven't had any problems.

And yes, the battery, mount, wiring and all come with.

I just used fuel hose, I didn't use the aluminum tube that came with the carb. QUOTE]

me too :cry: i didnt like the fit with the aluminum tube either :cry:

jeff :cry:

Can you guys give me a link to that carb please. I would like to check out the details. Maybe I'll get one.


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