05 WR450 first ride

After having to look at the WR450 in the garage with all of those XR's for two weeks I finally got to ride it this weekend. In the last two weeks I disconnected the gray wire, installed the YZ throttle stop screw, pulled the cork out of the exhaust, removed the snorkel, I thought about the JD kit, but for now I put in a 170 main, 50 pilot, and the needle is non adjustable so I have the stock needle. Adjustable fuel screw finished it up. I have to tell you the bike pulls clean and strong, no hesitation, no backfire just clean quick acceleration. I wasn't even in the throttle to much because I'm trying to put some breakin miles on it. Suspention was tight at first but Begin to loosen up as the day wore on.

The seat won't cut it for very long, and the tank will be to small for the dez.

If anyone knows about a taller seat and tank combo that will work I would love to no about it. I can't believe how quick this bike is I wonder if they forgot the flywheel. :cry:

SDG tall seat and a clarke tank(does require yz shrouds) they make a couple different sizes. but from what i hear you must remove the air pump and lines and plug the hole(someone is already making the plugs) in order for the 04 tanks to fit. they are the same mounts just a clearance issue with the smog crap.

I think the 05 has YZ shrouds, so If I can find a set of plugs..... I saw the pictures that Lowedog posted, those are the only ones I have seen. Plus the bike is running so nice, I would hate to screw it up by taking off the AIS!! :cry: Did I just say that?????

I tried a 04 wr tall seat, and it will not work. I called sdg..they said most the chance of making a seat for the 05 wr450 is very slim(cost for the mold/compared to sales). I asked if a yz seat would work, they said the pan/batt. tray is different. If you find a tall seat that work's, please let me know...I need one bad...smitty

the gas tank is probly the only thing different but if you change that also it should be ok.the only other thing might be if they lowered the sub frame?? thing s could get tricky. and if not the plastic tray can be modified(sawzall,torches,big hammers) i can say one thing if my 04 came with smog control that would be the first to go,i hear people saying it runs better w/out it! hey mushman how is the new lowered frame? have you ever ridden an 03-4 for comparison? i'm 6'4" and i love the hight of the 04 but i have to agree that it has a high CG . how tall are you,and does being lower help or hinder ,i guess it would help in the tight stuff.

I have not ridden any of the Yamaha four strokes since I tried a friends TT500 many years ago. So I have no real comparison, but I can tell you that it "feels" very light and maneuverable. I'm comming off of XR which has always been a great desert bike, but like a tank in the tight stuff. I'm 6' 3" and about 250lbs and the layout of pegs and bars feel very comfortable. As far as the seat maybe someone could post some pics of the 03-04's so that we can compare. From what I've heard the 05 backbone has changed to go along with the overall lowering of the bike, so I guess the subframe has changes also. but the battery box doesn't seem to protrude up to much. I have some pics with the tank and seat off, if I can just figure out how to post them.

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