wanted CDI for 85 xr 600

was riding Bike and it just Died. no spark but headlight still lights up. I am gessing CDI?


I'd be looking at the exciter coil on the stator first berg, 90% of electrical problems stem from it going bad. Failing that then test your coil and pickup, then the cdi. Cdi's are normally very good in Hondas.

Agree with xr6, that stator has 2 sets of winding, one for lights, different one for ignition. So headlights working doesn't indicated stator is still good. I do have a spare cdi if you decide that's it though. David

where is the best place to have the stator re-wound or a new one?

thanks Sam

Rewinders dont redo the ignition coil, just the lighting coil. Ricky Stator sells a complete stator with upgraded lighting coil for IIRC ~$130.

I got mine from Ricky Stator, I had an initial problem with no headlights, apparently I shorted it out installing, no idea how, but he sent me a replacement and works well.



will an 86 work?

There was an Australian site that detailed a home-brew rewind of the ignition part of the stator. Oh wait, here it is. It even has the resistance specs so you can diagnose if you think yours is at fault. Let us know how it works out.


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