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Newbie needs experienced help with shopping list?

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Hi ,

Well i guess like some of you (especially in England) i have done the sporty bike thing to death, track days you name it.

Now i am not looking to race properly on my KTM DUKE 11 which is why i bought that model as if i did i would give it a go and i have had a few ops on my back and shoulders due to accidents (track). And i know i would get out there and come off on the dirt especially.

But i have a bet on with a few mates that i can 'Whip there arse' on their sports bikes on a all tarmac race course in britain (i can choose).

What am i up against?




Yeah i know! Dodgy!

But i have the winter to do this Duke up to give it the best possibe chance, well i did have until my job priorities have changed 😢 .

I have a Stock Machine DUKE 11 2003- NEW.

Now i have not got the time i have a company called HM racing (some of you might know it) close to me who sponsor and have a works team so they no what they are doing.

Now i have in total £750 riding on this bet and the looser pays for the track day on top. So you could be talking £1000! 😢

So guys i have turned to you for mods advice without them knowing as there are many ears around here.

So the shopping list i can take to HM please.

Ok it might cost £1000 for mods, but then my pride is at stake here plus i will pick the bendiest track i can with few straights.


Airbox mod?

Any shopping lists you have in mind so i can whip their arses.


p.s I know its a bit forward for my first post but if you are true motards then i am sure you will help me whip them! 😢

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If it's tight and twisty enough you ought to be able to hand them their asses just using the bike as is and a lot of talent.

If it has much in the way of straight sections, you're screwed.

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