has anyone installed both intake and exhaust hot cams on thier 03-04 wr450 , i was wondering because someone told me that they tried the exhaust and lost bottom,now i hear from someone else when used together they are awesome :cry: i definately don't want to lose bottom end,but now if it was an increase across the board :cry:

hello mountain man.

i havent tried both cams on a wr. but i believe that changing only the exh. cam (which is what i did) will give you more top end without losing much bottom. maybe its the intake cam that loses bottom end?

i think hotcams in general are aimed more at top end.

ive read that changing cam profiles will alter the part of the powerband where the power is most abundant. ?

i will say this, the power across the board is "sweeter". the bottom may be smoother, but its more responsive. :cry:

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