wr vs ktm

how would you guys rate the wr450 against the ktm 450exc for east coast woods riding.

I Sold My 04 450exc For A 05 Wr450, I Will Take The Wr Any Day Over The Exc!!!

I Ride Tight Trees And The Wr Turns Soo Much Tighter Than The Exc. If I Lived On The West Coast The Exc Would Prob Get The Nod.

I have ridden the 525exc and it is a nice bike outta the box, I will give KTM alot of kudos for thier machine... but I think my WR450 has more power and I like it better... the extra money you put into buying the KTM you could spend on upgrades to the WR and have better bike. But that is IMO, which cannot possibly be baised by the fact I own a WR :cry: .

ride them both. it's the only way you'll know what works for you. i always felt the ktm was a better tight and nasty east coast bike. (i ride a wr and it works just fine for me) see what your local dealers are like. you may like the bike but if the dealers no good, it may not be the right choice.

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