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Hi everyone, Although I am new to this site, I am a regular to a las vegas sportbike site www.sincitysportbikes.com.

However, with the increasing amount of hassle we sport riders get off the PoPo in Las Vegas, the ever increasing thefts of sport bikes, and the INSANE insurance rates. Plus the fact that we have only a few twisty roads, and the only way we get our fix is to haul our bike to SoCal :rock: I've decided to go Motard. I used to ride dirt way back when I was a kid, so all I'm asking for is a little advice.

1. Being an experienced road/track racer, what should I be looking for in a SM? (I'd like it street legal too)

2. Where would I buy one from/the best place to look.

3. Is it best to find one with or without a starter (I hate kick starts).

Any advice will do please.



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