450f race... Problems.

I raced my 450f last night on a real tight indoor motocross track. It stalled atleast 2 to 3 times in each moto. I have heard to go with differnt fy wheel weights but i dont want to hurt my throttle response. Does it make that much of a differance. I couldnt take the bottom of any corners in second gear no matter how hard a clutched or revved it I would kill it. It could have been me some but it seemd to be stalling quite a bit. Is there any other solutions other than changing the flywheel. I was thinking of setting my idle up but wasnt for sure if that would fix the problem all the way or not. Help appreciated.


If you set your idle up you lose heaps of engine braking and according to gary you sound like a squid. I can corner in first, second or third with clutch control. Remember your clutch is your variable gear, sounds lie you need to simulate this type of corner and learn to use it. If you add weight to the flywheel you will deiitely lose a little snap. Either learn to clutch it, or change your gearing to suit the track and clutch a little.

practice practice practice :cry:

what year is your 450? Those 03' clutches would make anyone stall

its an 03. but i agree with the other 2 i think i need to get used to the corners a little better. i was just checking to see if anyone was having problems with theres.

I have an '03, ad the 4oz flywheel has certainly not hurt its throttle response. If anything, I'm considering adding more weight. Note that the '04 came with a 5oz heavier wheel (the GYT-R racing flywheel from the previous year was made standard) than the '03. It will make that power more usable, help keep the engine running, and will definitely NOT slow the bike down.

The point about setting the idle up is also valid. :cry:

If you never want to stall again, buy a Rekluse auto clutch.

I run a 6 oz flywheel weight and I just turned my idle up a litlle, not enough for anyone to notice. It has really helped me eliminate stalling.

I had the same problem and after reading in this forum and my yamaha manual I changed my rear chainwheel from the stock 47 tooth to a 50 tooth, It made a huge difference for tight arena cross type riding, try it you will all but eliminate your stalling problem.if you start running long mx tracks you can always change back to your old sprocket its fast and easy.

It sounds like to me your fuel screw setting could be a little lean too. Also don't be scard to turn up your idle. On my 03 I run the idle pretty damn high. When I come into coners real hot and cut the throttle hard the bike wont stall when I jam the throttle back on. I find that helps alot. You can run a 4oz flywheel weight if you would like but from what your saying the flywheel isn't going to cure your problem. You can fix it by playing with your carb settings. I find when that fuel screw gets on the lean side the bike wants to stall easier in the coner. I found the 03 doesn't stall much comparing it to the first 400 or 426 4-strokes.

my 2 cents


Two words........ Clutch control. If you ever look at where the top riders fingers are in pictures you will notice that there is always a finger on the clutch.

Keep your momentum up in the corners and that will help to.

Hey thanks for all the help guys. I am gonna try a few minor things and see what happens I ant gonna do to much more to it cuase im gonna get a new suzuki or new yamaha soon.

Thanks, Friday

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