'01 clutch into '00 426

All in and whilst its smooth it drags badly. I've got free play in the cable and yes I remembered to replace the last plate not just add the new one.

Is it a case of just bedding it in or have I missed something obvious.

Rode the bike hard for about an hour - made no difference.

did you make sure to reinstall the "ball" on the end of the actuator push rod?

(part #21 in this image)

YZ426 Clutch

I did yes - thanks for the thought though.....

No suggestions? Other than the 'rip it out' that my neighbour offered?

I can't stand the thought of going back to that grabby clutch....... (sounds like my first wife)

I would check for proper thickness of the friction plates. If everything checks, you might "shuffle the friction disks reassemble and ride to get a new "bed in".

Sounds like the total disk stack measurement isn't right.

Did you have the hub off?

I've tried a complete new set of friction plates today and its exactly the same.

Only the plates and the rod were removed.

Why is the replacement rod shorter than the original by the way - or is this the error?

Might be the problem. I didn't change it when I did mine.

The rod is probably shorter because of the ball, the 2000 model doesnt have a ball and needs to be longer.

is the rest of the clutch system stock (lever, cable, actuator lever on engine/etc). All of these things make a difference.

Also, you may have a few warped plates. Get a flat surface (glass works pretty good), and lay the steel plates down one by one and look for any warpage. Or do what I do and buy a whole new clutch. Then you have a spare setup, just in case.

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