Buy 112 or 114 link Chain?

Im just about to order the new chain for my 450f to replace the puss stock one. Ive got conflicting stories about whether to order the 112 or the 114 link. Who has ordered which one and which one goes on without mod.

I dont want to remove a link cause the 114 plus joiner makes 115. Is that too long.

The manual says 113 plus joiner for Aus , USA etc and

111 plus joiner for Europe.

So im assuming I can run with the 112 plus joiner.

I bought a 120 and cut 6 links off (114). I have an 04 YZ450F

I always order the 120 links then cut it down.

so how much does a new chain go for?


When you buy 114 or 120 link chain it takes the master link into account.

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