Caliper Rebuild Part II

I decided to rebuild my front caliper. The dust seals had gone bad and the manual says to replace both seals if the piston comes out. No big deal. Stop at local Yamaha shop to find out parts need to be ordered..Imagine that!

Yamaha wanted 17.00 for the kit. Screw you, I thought. Ask for the identical seals for a 2001 CR 250 problem. In stock and 9.95 for the set. They worked perfectly. Honda sells all the rubber pieces for the caliper as well. Yamaha wants to sell you the entire caliper. ALL of the CR pieces are identical and very low priced compared to Yamaha's monetary sodimy.

The only tough part was removing the two pistons. You cannot pull them out. You have to blast them out with compressed air. They almost have to be shot out at the same time or the air just rushes out of the missing piston side.

I gave them a shot. The first piston came out, but it left the sticky one in the caliper. I put the piston in and held my finger on it. The sticky piston moved a bit and let lose. My finger was now being smashed under 70 psi of air. I said a few choice words and moved on. The new seals dropped right in. I was finished within a few minutes.

I am happy to report the brake works about twice as well as before the rebuild. The lever feels very solid after bleeding. I have spent way too much on fancy brake lines and pads. This rebuild helped as much as anything I have done to my brakes. I recommend using a piece of wood to stop the pistons from flying out...

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