yz450f crank question

does anyone have a picture of the timing chain gear on the end of a 450 crank??

im doing a rebuild and it looks like the gear is worn, kinda looks like an old sprocket and there isnt alot of material on the peak of the gears. i just broke a valve and bent 3 other valves and im not sure if it jumped time because of the gear or if i just broke a valve and damaged the others.

any help would be appreciated.

i just replaced mine when i took it apart the teeth were severely worn the timing chain in these things chew them up i wish they would put a replaceable gear on these things it would be a lot easier & cheaper to fix that way.

did you replace the entire crank or just the half with the gear on it?

i replaced the whole thing although you could get away with half im not sure if it would cause a balance problem or not never tried it.

a few pics

DVC00066.jpg DVC00065.jpg



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