Moab In October Anyone?

I would really like to make a trip to Moab this year. I have never been there so would like to ride along with some riders who have some experience with the area. If anyone is plannning a trip in that time frame or would like too please let me know. Thanks in advance, Paul :)

I have the first two weeks of Oct. off and would like to go if it will be in that time frame.

Thumper Darryl & I have been talking about it, we're likely 99%.....assuming he's riding again by October.


How was the 6 Days of NorCal?


Brian, the 6 Days was a blast! You should've been there, man. Our ride was actually only the 3 Days of Norcal, due to a scary crash that Darryl had. The good news, everybody survived.

The 3 day sampler was enough to know that we'll do it again next time. From single-track to fire-road to Highway, the terrain was varied & fun. Could've passed a Harley we followed on 101, but left the guy's ego intact. (I still say that would've made the "Best Of" video for sure!)

As a bush rider, it felt pretty strange to ride the highway on the WR...but most everybody was in the same boat. No problems at all, although I remember being pretty nervous parked DIRECTLY behind a highway patrol waiting 10 minutes for our turn to pass through a construction zone.

Rather than try to describe it, I'll bring video of the event down to Moab in October. I'm sure that we can round up more TT'ers for the next one!

BTW, the TT'ers that were there (Chris C, Trailguy, and WR400rock) were all awesome riders! You guys must try to make it to Moab, but don't expect 200miles/day!

Cueball, I will email you. Lets go. My internet connection is sort of crippled right now but am getting my cable modem re-installed after a move hopefully tomorrow. Until then, Paul. :)

Hey Guys,

Yes, I will certainly try and make it. I have a group of friends that would love to go. Cant make any promises, but I will try.


I would love to ride moab in Oct. Lets keep it going and see if we can all hook up..

Looks like four of us will be out there Oct 14-15 for the 24 hours of Moab mtn bike race. We are going to ride some too, not sure our exact length of stay yet.

My favorite trails there are poison spider to gemini bridges, amasa back, slickrock trail and porcupine rim. Check them out if you have a chance.

I'm in. Never rode my WR there, only Mtn bike. I'll be there for the 24hrs of Moab Mtn Bike Race on 13th-14th, probably go out the weekend before. Let me know as plans start to happen.


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