fork seal driver

Doing the fork seal on my 99 wr. I have done the 35 mm film trick, but i have to replace the oil in the forks anyway so I figured I'd do the seals. I did a serch and see that you can use a pvc pipe as a seal driver. What size pvc pipe? How do you drive the seals back in? Seems pretty basic, drive them in as evenly as possible with the pvc or a seal driver till they stop?

Yup, press em till they stop going in anymore. A seal driver is gonna be helpful though cuz the mass of the driver will act like a hammer wheras the pvc will have no "impact". Give it a shot though, the drivers are $$.

I used PVC and did not like it at all. Like was stated before, the PVC has no mass and you still have to use a hammer. The next time I do it I will be spending the extra $50 for seal drivers, I think they will make the job much easier. Just my 2c. Hope this helps.


I tried both ways. The seals were difficult with pvc. If you have a seal driver, the job is not even worth worrying about. It is well worth the money.

I may just take that part to the shop and have them do it. I have had this bike for almost 2 years and this is the first seal that has gone bad. Plus I am going to sell it so I probably won't need that specific seal driver anyway.

I checked with two different shops, one here in Kansas and another in Texas where I was riding when mine went south. They both wanted around $200.00 to do one fork. Definately worth doing yourself. There is really nothing to it, and if you don't want to spend the money you can still install the seals the old fashioned way. With a hammer and a punch. Hope this helps,


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