Scary fast

That's actually been around for a while. It's from GR2 and they already have a GR3 out now.

I bet nothing gets the blood pumping like a 190mph wheelie though... I have always loved Ghostrider.

Btw, what the hell does that have to do with a yz450?

WAAAAAAAAAAY cool!!!!!thanks :cry:

That top speed one is bogus I reckon. Have a look as he slows down, see the skid marks on the road......, does it look likes he's doing 130mph past them.........?? I reckon they have played with the speedo and gearing....??

im gonna change the subject sorry. but yzf450jack hows that 470 kits? i was thinking about buying one but havent acually talked to anyone with it and how much did it run you?

It was $1.00 a cc and it's not that big of a change about 3 to 4 hp? but got more torque down low :cry:


Freekin stupid!!

You do that and youll end up like the guy on the off topic forum.


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