XR650R head light Bulb

About a year ago I picked up some great info here on TT where a member found a 25watt dual filament bulb that had the same flange as the stock XR650R bulb. You take a soldering iron and run piece of solder between both of the filament posts and you end up with a 50watt bulb. The bulb # is

A-3606 I located a bulb last year (The only one the shop had) and it works great and the head light is much brighter. I have been looking for a spare but have not found a place that sells the A-3606 Has anyone done this mod and do you know where I could locate a couple of bulbs. I located a bulb shop on the net but they want you to spend about $30.00 per order. The first bulb cost me $2.50


This 3606, is it a Halogen? if not, don't waste your time, Baja designs has a replacement lens & 55 watt halogen bulb setup, it works very well with the stock stator.

I think you can also get this setup from Honda, but I don't know for sure.

This is what I'm running, the next step up demands a stator upgrade.

Does this use a H4 bulb? Will the lens replace the stocker, or do you have to use a baja design mounting/number plate?


loufish thanks for the reply. The Baja designs unit is about $55.00 The bulb that I am looking for is about $3.00 and at 50 watts it works real well. It is not a halogen. Also when you have a dual filiment bulb if one filament blows out you still have a 25watt bulb to get you home. I was trying to avoid buying the Baja designs unit and save my money for something else.

The search continues.

I found a dual filament light at Napa that is 55watts. It has the same flange, and I could solder them together, but I think that would be too much wattage for the plastic lens?

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