New owner questions

Hi, I just got my 450 last thurs. and haven't really had a chance to ride it yet. But I did get out and start it and piss off the neighbors riding in my hood. I did the baffle/snorkel and grey wire mods. I have the JD kit ordered. What I'm wondering though is whether it is normal for the header to glow red? I started it up and let it warm up for a couple minutes while I grabbed my gloves and helmet. When I looked at the pipe it was glowing red for about the first 8" out from the head. After riding it for about 5 minutes I brought it back to the house and shut it off without idling it. The header was still glowing dull red out 3-4" from the head. Does it just need the jetting richened up or will I always experience this. By the way I love the power of this bike it blows the XR400 I've been riding away.



glowing head pipe is normal if you let it warm up to long.

These engines dont need a long warm up. one minute is plenty unless it is around freezing. 48 pilot jet will help increase the warm up time to glowing red. :cry:

If you have opened the air box and exhaust, you may very well be a little lean. However, if you were just putting around your neighborhood then you didn't really move much air around the motor to cool it down either. The glow is perfectly normal when idling too long or just plain not moving to cool the engine. Hope this helps,


Thanks, for the responses. I won't worry about it to much.


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