Monty and Uncle Moose Where Are You?

Lets go riding! When/Where? Let me know. Paul :)

Hi Paul how you doing,I will be going to Idaho for a week on the 26th will be back on the 7th aug, mike is working 7 days a week but will be done in aug, also we are PLANING a ride at Boomtown and gerogetown late aug,amd sept.I'll post with date when I get back,unless you want to go to Idaho AND RIDE?


Hello Paul The end of Aug or Sept look good. Doing the Dave Wood Riding Class at Downieville on Aug 4th & 5th. Will let you guys know how it was. Georgetown is always good riding but will have to watch for the Manzanita Branches so I won't rip my arm open again :) Keep in touch and lets go ride!

Ok! :) End of August sounds good. Lets stay in touch. Man I am really itching to go! Uncle Moose, I know what you mean about those manzanita branches. Last time one dang near slit my throat! :D Just have to be careful around them. Boomtown/Georgetown either sound good. I still haven't gotten the Baja kit installed on my WR yet.(It has been in storage). But, I have a DRZS now that I can use in a pinch if dual sport is required.

where do you guys go riding in idaho? i live in spokane, washington, and am half hour from Couer d'Alene's Canfield Mountain Trail system. Always looking for new places to go.....

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