Differences between '02 YZ426F and WR426F

What are the major differences between these two bikes? I have an opportunity to purchase an '02 YZ426F but do mainly woods riding. Is it easy to add the items to it to match the WR other than the wide ratio tranny?

I'm not an expert but I'll give you my opinion. I have a 2000 YZ 426 which I love. I'll I ever do is nasty tight single track stuff. The stuff that is most important to me in this type of riding that I've done to my bike to make it work is gearing, I'm running 13 front 50 rear sprockets. Fly wheel weight 12 oz., and I'd love to have a headlight. The WR will come w/ a lower first gear. No need for sprockets. It will come w/ a heavier fly wheel. No weight needed. It already has a light. Assuming you care about that. Just an opinion. Either bike would be awesome, it just takes more money to get a YZ into the same woods form that the WR comes in stock form.

At least around here, the yz's go for a lot less money than the wr's. Ditto to what was said above

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