99' 400 to 02' 426 Improvement enough?

I have a 99' 400F and I am debating wheather to keep the beast or at the end of this season sell it and look for a very nice 426. My 400 has very low hours and has been pampered its whole life. Now I'm wondering if going to a 20002 426 will be a significant improvement before I have to do some major work on my bike.

I've ridden a 2000 426 and it feels like a very different bike. The power is very harsh at the low end but it feels more nimble than my bike.

I would get a brand new 450 but I want 5sp for open desert. And I don't need electric start, headlight, taillight, kickstand etc so that rules out the WR. I've ridden an 04 CRF 450 and I felt cramped and it was so small I felt like I was going to brake it(I'm 6' 4"). I don't feel like spending > 8000 on a Kentucky Trash Masher. And I won't ride a Kawazuki or Suzisaki. I may just have to go exotic. Sorry, I'm picky. I may just keep the beast. I am very comfortable with it. Any advise?

I've got an 02 426 and like it alot. I have ridden to 400 and I do think the 426 is a better bike. But I have ridden an 03 450 and it is better than the 426.

I hear what you say about 5th gear for the desert but it is geared pretty tall.

My 426 does have more snap than a 400 but I would not really call it brutal.

The 02 is the best of the breed, but the 450 is better. Just curious, I've never ridden the desert, so why is a 5 speed so preferable to a 4 speed?

Maybe the Husky 450 if you want to go Euro.

I really like these yamahas and the 426 is alot like my bike just better.

I like the 5sp because the gear ratios are closer together so the bike is more versatile for me. But I do mostly open desert. But I can do trails if want.

Accutally I am going to try to find the gear ratios on Yamaha's site.

If I go Euro I am kind of worried about parts availibilty.

I really like the way the 400/426 are set up. I'm one of those who likes something and sticks with it.

OH and here in wonderful california we have a little thing called red sticker even for the new four strokes. I think its for 03 and up or something like that.

Stick with BLUE.

I've talked with enough people that I decide to get an 02 426. If my bike makes it through to the end of the season without me having to spend any money on it I'll probably let her go. Plus if I go to a 426 I have a few extra parts that will cross over and anything I put on the bike aftermarket I could put the stock back on and sell the bike for the same amount.

If anyone has anything to say about the 2002 426 such as reliability, power or whatever I will greatly appreciate it.

OH and here in wonderful California we have a little thing called red sticker even for the new four strokes. I think its for 03 and up or something like that.

yeah your right 02 and older are all green sticker some newer models are getting green some guys got a green when they should have gotten a red so watch out cuz when you register it you will get red

I have owned both the 400 and 426. I did not think the 426 was that much better of a bike to justify the $$$ difference. I sold the 426 and kept the 400. I think the weight difference is minimal. The 400 will run forever, keep it and keep changing the oil.

Thanks geezerx that is really what I like to hear. I really like this bike. And were guys--guys don't like change. But that 426 felt pretty tuned. They felt almost exactly the same weight wise, it just felt a little more nimble because of the crisp throttle response. Do you guys think it would be wise to take it in and get a "tune-up" ? I haven't done a thing to it except had valves checked and replaced fork seals. (I'd do it myself but I'm afraid I'd do more damage than anything)

There is no tune up so to speak. I would check the compression. Keep the air filter clean, maybe see if some minor and I do mean minor jetting changes might help to get the bike to run better. One thing to remember, as the bikes get newer, the ignition settings get betterm which helps with the way the throttle feels. If you want to feel crisp ride and on 05 450 Yamaha or Honda. In reality, I would not ride one if I was you because as much as you love your 400, you will buy the newer bike. Are you running the stock gearing?

If you are happy with the way the forks work then just get the fluid changed. I loved the forks on my 400. I just to ride it in the desert about 90 miles east of Reno and you could not wipe the grin off my face. It was some of the most fun I ever had on a dirt bike.

I've ridden many bikes but have only owned 2. A 96 yz 80, ran that thing into the ground, and went to the YZ 400F (thats a heluva jump huh?) When i first got it my only gripe was how hard it was to start, but now one kick is all it takes. I have 14 front and 51 rear. The 426 I rode had 15 front 47 rear. So the gearing between the two is completely different. I'm happy with the gearing on mine. It's low enough for trails but when I'm in the desert it could use a little taller gears but it keeps me from killing myself--the bike goes 82 across open desert according to GPS and that is PLENTY fast enough for me. I have some fatter main jets do you think it would help to go one step up?(From 175 stock to 178)

Yes, the fatter main will not help with initial acceleration, but it help to ensure that you are not running lean when you are at WOT. It is probably more for peace of mind.

Do you think going from 175 stock to 178 would cause any problems like fouling plugs, overheating, less power, excessive gas consumption, etc... I've been ridding the bike for over a year with stock jetting and almost 40 hrs on one spark plug which I changed last week. It looked untouched besides a light shade of brown. Wut do ya think?

Going up to the 178 should not cause plug fouling and certainly will not cause overheating. Fuel consumption will go up slightly, but there is no way to know how much. I can not imagine less power unless the bike is already to rich. But from the color of the plug, your jetting sounds very good. The only way to find out is to experiment with the 178 and see if you nitice any difference and take a plug reading. I suggest a new plug when you install the 178 and then ride the bike for a few hours of normal riding then compare the color of the old plug to the new plug.

Get The 450 I Just Went From My O2 426 To The 450 And Big Big Diff

Yea the 450 is a beast, but I was just reading a review of the Husky TC 450 and man I tell ya, those bikes look freakin' awesome. Unless there is any reason you guys think going German is a bad idea.

Realability, parts pricing and dealer location

Yea that is what I thought until I found out there is a Husqvarna dealer about 20-25 min away. I may have to pay them a visit when the holiday hustle-n-bustle is overwith..... :cry:

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