Head Pipe ?

Just noticed a good size ding in my head pipe, does it affect power much.

Just noticed a good size ding in my head pipe, does it affect power much.

Should not effect things to much, unless of corase it is smashed pretty good. When you say good size dent is it the size of a dime How deep?

I wouldnt worry about it unless it is smashed

I'd say about 2in long and maybe less than 1/2in deep.

you may want to look to see if it is bent by the head too. I put a dent about that size on my 426 header and didn't notice the slight bend coming right out of the head. seemed like it was running close to what it should have been but it was restricting the flow enough to start over heating.

I found an FMF PB for $130 and it was back to running great. I got the dents out of the stock and always had a spare after that :cry:

As revolucion stated, that may be enough to cause a flow issue. Check

http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com look under tech articles. There is a section for fixing a dented Header

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Anybody try this on a titanium head pipe?

I tried this trick for taking out some dents on my header pipe on my 450, it worked very well. :cry: It was very easy, just make sure to heat the pipe SLOWLY, because there is potential that if you heat it too fast with 50psi in the header then it could pop and you could get a faceful of 1500 degree titanium. :cry: then when you get that done go buy one of e-lines pipe guards :cry: , it has worked well for me. I have hit some really big rocks :cry::cry: since investing in the pipe guard and that carbon fiber still looks new and no more dents. Just my two Cents.

I have done it twice, and a friend once, I used Motoman393 instructions. It worked so well that it would be hard to tell it even had a ding. Getting all the stuff is the hardest part, the actual taking out the ding was very easy.

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