Hydraulic Clutch on YZ400

anyone got one.....any negatives about them...reasons i shouldn't get one..i was looking at the Magura...

my clutch is so stiff.........i have brand new DP clutch and new clutch cable and clutch springs....

got a 99 yz400

I bought the Hebo Hydraulic Clutch ( http://www.erider.ws/hyd.htm ) because it had the braided line. I installed it 2 years ago and have not touched it since except to pull the lever in with one finger.

Before you spend $180 on a juice clutch try this.....it works and it's FREE

"Here is the "clutch lever" mod as posted by "Gottaroost" on TT. just drilled my lever out today and relocated the cable barrel closer to the pivot point. Made a big difference! Then lubed it all, including the barrels with TriFlow...very nice feel. Here are some pics. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v174/Satch0922/Motorcycles/PICT0003_1.jpg

I used a 21/64 bit for the main barrel hole, then an 1/8 bit to drill out and smooth the area where the cable pulls through. Careful not to drill the main hole too deep.

Try the tip that Satch has posted here. I did this mod to my 02 YZ426 after reading it here on Thumper Talk and it works GREAT! There is no reason to spend the money, unless you just want a juice clutch. I had a Magura that came stock on my 2000 KTM and it was a very good unit. I was going to buy the same set-up for my YZF until I read and tried this mod. Try it before you spend $165.00-$185.00.

Good Luck

Do you notice that you have to pull the clutch lever further to accompolish the same thing as previously? Is it a big difference in how far you have to pull it?



with the lever mod? There is no difference once you adjust the cable properly....just a lighter pull.

thanx for the tip, I'll try that lever mod !!

Be careful, as I tried the mod and it didn't work out so well. The crappy metal wasn't strong enough and it broke once any pressure was put on it.

been using the same "moded" lever for over two years. You must position the new hole in the proper place. And as always, lube your clutch cable after every ride.

You Would Have To Pull The Lever Farther With The How In A Lower Spot

I Had A Magura Clutch On My 02 426 And It Was Harder To Pull Then The Cable One . Try This Get A New Motion Pro T2 Clutch Cable And Clean Upo The Lever And Clutch Perch

Mine On My 04 450 Works Easy

You Would Have To Pull The Lever Farther With The How In A Lower Spot

that does not change if you adjust the cable

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