Anyone run a return spring on the clutch?

Since changing to the 450f from the 250f the only downside is the super heavy clutch, not that i use it much. Left arm fatigue is definitely a factor.

I had a stroke of genius in the shed and tinkered with the idea of running a return spring on the clutch, not a super storng one, just enough to assist and make it lighter in action.

Thoughts appreciated !!!!!!! and of course some funny smart arse comments too.

Magura jack hydralic clutch is the answer to that. lol.

try going with a hydraulic setup.try one of these aftermarket deals with the needle bearing in the perch/lever.make sure your cable is well lubed,also try a longer clutch actuator arm as well,good luck

Not a good idea because:

1) The clutch has stiff springs for a reason. Try to lighten the pull by fighting the springs and you may induce some clutch slip.

2) It can't be good for the part that is the equivalent of the throw-out bearing to run under load all the time.

I've been hinting for a juice clutch for x-mas, I hope my wife caught on!! :cry:

Get the Ballards piviot assist clutch leaver, it looks the same as the std one, allows you to still keep the on-the-fly adjuster and you can operate the clutch with one finger.

btw, it is so close to the std Yamaha one you can order the 2-stroke one (A$49 as opposed to A$65 for the 4-stroke model) and use the half of your std clamp that has the hot start on it.

I can't find the post but about a year ago there was a great post showing how to modify your clutch lever to ease the pull. I did the mod on my 450F and the clutch pull is amazing. The basis on the mod is to drill a new hole for the end of the clutch cable to reduce the fulcrum effect of the lever. If anyone know where the old post is let use know.

The juice clutch works real nice as I can attest to. It makes the pull somewhat easier and gives it a super smooth engagement feel.The clutch lever mod looks like a good one also but it seems like it would cause you to lose throw distance at the actuator arm which may not allow you to get proper action with two fingers tucked under the lever.

So what's the best juice clutch to buy? Brand name is what I"m looking for. My clutch is hard to pull, too.


Come on guys. If you wanted an easy clutch pull you should have gotten a 125. Just go to a sporting goods store and buy one of those hand grip strengthening things and use it. Your clutch will be alot easier to pull I guarantee. :cry:

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