CA EPA Sticker - HELP!!!

One week ago I bought a 2003 XR650L on Ebay from a CA resident, but it turns out that even if the bike has a CA plate and CA taxes paid for, it is NOT a CA model and since it only has 2000 miles, I cannot register it here.

The only sticker I see is on the white left cover of the air filter (the one you can take apart without any tool).

Is there anybody South of LA (I am in Dana Point) that is willing to lend me this part (with a CA sticker) for a hour or so? I only need it to go to the DMV and register it.

Besides my eternal gratitude, there would be some $ for the disturb...

Otherwise, what about a hires picture of this damn sticker...

Didn't your odometer break and you had to replace it and the bike actually has 8000 miles on it?

I am pretty sure this was the case :cry: , but do I need a receipt for this?

No, just swear to it on a miscellaneous statement of fact.

What do you think about disconnecting the cable and show a non working odometer?

I lay the whole thing out for you and you want to try something stupid, good luck. I've told you how I did it, you're on your own now.


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