Front Tire Size for 04 RMZ 250

I'm gonna purchase new tires to get the stock tires off of my bike. Through reading the forum I've decided on a d756 110/90 19 for the rear, but what size do I need for the front tire??


80/100-19.I see your going for a wider rear tire.You know that right?Why cant you just go look at what your front tire says for the size?

That 110/90 19 is only 3/8" wider but it will be around an inch larger in circumference. At least a Michelin in that size is compared to the original or to a D756 in the original size. This will hurt you doing 2nd gear MX starts.

Well I've seen mixed reviews on the 110/90 19... I don't race.. i'm kind of beginner I ride small mx tracks and trails... I just want a better back tire than the stock.. i tend to slide around... whatever you guys think ??

and by the way aedwards07 I didn't know if they were all one size or different on the front thats why I didn't look, but thanks for the reply

I think that was a mis-type by aedwards07. the front tire will be a 21" rim, so 80/100 x 21. if you ask for a 80/100x19 from your dealer, you will get a funny look. as for other tire sizes, I know that Chad Reed and a few others are experimenting with taller front tires (like 90/110). I wouldn't experiment on my own bike at this point though.

I would look at the new 90/100-21 front tires. I have had mine for about a week and like it very much. Still, no bad will come with sticking with the oem size which is 80/100-21. This has been the standard for many years.

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