Advantage to a 20inch front tire?

Im looking into buying some new rims..I hear the factory guys run a 20inch front rim/tire instead of the 21 inch...what's the advantage?


i no my friend and his dad run 20 inch on ther bikes. his dad is expert and his 250B rider. its just a wider footprint so you can turn better and have more traction up front.. get the 20 it wont hurt you.

The new 90/100-21 front tires should give you all the advantages of a20 inch tire without changing rims.

The 20" only worked on really hard / slippery surfaces. On mud and sand it makes turnin a lot harder. This was on a 2001 CR250 though I would expect the results to be the same.

The rim is smaller, but the tire is the same O.D. meaning that the tire is taller on the sides. This is great for haulin a$$ over anything. It absorbs hits better and prevents your rims for more damage. I love the 20" setup. I am a all around rider and it works great for me.

There is alot more pros thans cons

Good Luck, KaBoom

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