Hurricane Kit

1 Hurricane Yellow Kit. Coming of a 98 YZ400F. Not totally sure what other years it fits, I am sure you will know better then me. Brand new front fender with Lightenbolt stickers on it. Brand new Shrods with Graphics Brand new. Matching Seat cover on Stock seat Foam Brand New. Brand New Rear Fender. Used Tank with Used graphics colors kinda faded. Everything is brand new except the Tank and Tank Graphics. $200 OBO That is for everything including the whole Tank, and whole seat with the cover already on it. Pictures appon request. I also Have a Yellow Front vented Number plate, The good one, with teh Chrome Mesh not the PLastic. And Fork Guards with the Hurricane graphics on it, slightly used.

$200 For everything. That has to be a good deal. Everything is basically Brand new. Really would like to sell this before X-mas, really need the money.

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