Call or e-mail me I have a question for you...Thanks

Bonzai... :)

Bonzai, I do not have your number on me. Call me at 770-576-2091

Never Mind....

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I will be pulling this trailer next sunday...


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Here's the interior....If you ever want to ride with me just let me know. :)


Bill, where did you say "the gang" was heading Sunday? My mind is gone due to this damn divorce crap. Your trailer looks real nice. Is that a ATK Bike shoe mounted on the floor. I use them also, they are the ONLY way to transport bikes. To hell with tiedowns. As I told you the other day. I am Racing MX at Copperhead in Blairsville on Sat, but would love to get the WR dirty on sunday. I live in cumming, so we can either meet somewhere on the way or ride together. Either way is fine with me. I will be at the office most of the day on Fri, I will call you.

Nice swingarm sticker, you have to double take to catch it. I wonder how many people don't even notice?

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