????electric Start????

My electric start does not work very well. Even when bike is hot it just doesn't seem to work. My bike may start every 10th time I use the button. I will depress the button for no longer than 10 seconds.

I know my dads ATV Grizzlz 600 fires up extremly fast.

Am I expecting to much is this just how the 04' 450f is?

How is every body eleses?

Could my starter or something be burned out?


If your bike is new you might experience this for 30-40 miles, at least I did. Beyond that it's either a jetting issue or your flooding it when attempting to start it. The trick I have learned is when the bike is already started and warmed up use the hot start lever if you kill it. If the bike is cold always pull the choke to get it going. Whatever you do don't pull on the throttle when the bike isn't running, unless its been sitting over night or longer then I give it a couple squirts. I guess my suggestions are the obvious solutions but from my experience playing by these rules works :cry: Good luck.

mine does the same thing. you don't say what year wr your riding. some of the '03's had some bad starter motors. you'll have to grab your manual to get the info on how to check it. word is that the wires from the armature windings are just crimped where they contact the commutator area. it was posted that these could be soldered. i haven't tried it, so i'm not making any promises. there are little or no parts to rebuild these starters. if you can't fix it, you'll have to replace it.

My 04 is flawless to this point. I have heard of people with weak batteries having similar issues. Maybe try a new battery.

for the most part, it seemed to be one more issue us '03 owners got to deal with while yamaha ignored us.

mine is a 04 and i still have the problem. I bought it barley used, but the guy did put a JD jetting kit in it. I have not opened the card to see what needle and postion, because it runs like a champ other than the starting problem.

I hooked a charger to the battery and tired starting it with the charger on the 2 amp position and no change. It cycles the starter pretty good.

It acts like there is no spark or a bad electrical connection. It could be the starter motor.

Turn the idle up, it likes a high idle to start....you prob'ly need to increase the starter jet to 70 or 72 as well.

okay, my bad. if i had read what was written, i would have seen it was(is) an '04. if i understand what you saying, the starter motor is turning. if the starter motor is turning each time you hit the button, then it's not the starter. now, if it is also turning the engine over, the starter system is working also. it may just be a bit of learning what your new bike wants. when a wr is cold, you'll need the choke on and twist the throttle about five time to squirt raw fuel into the intake. it's not uncommon to have to pull out the choke to restart the bike, even though it has only set for five or ten minutes. other times, you just hit the button and off you go. if you live in a colder climate, try the 72 starter jet mentioned. it richens up the choke circuit. if you use one, don't let it run too long with the choke out. it dumps a lot of fuel into the motor.

1 - turn up the idle as they need a high idle. 2 - get a battery tender as they need a well charged battery. 3 check the float hieght as some are set too high. 3 if you are having trouble cold starting put in a bigger starting jet as this controls it fuel on choke.I'm not sure what size i put in but i believe in the u.s.a you can get bigger than OZ. 4 - always use the hot start once warm.

Hope this helps Dave

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