New WR400F owner

Just thought I'd say hi to the WR forum. I'm the proud new owner of a 1999 WR400F with a Baja Designs dual sport kit, purchased the bike off Ebay. I used to own a XR650L and I'm not really missing it.

So far I've put about 100 off road miles on the bike last weekend and love it. Started on the first kick almost every time. I have to get the title transfered over, don't know if California will give me a plate since it is currently registered in Alaska. :cry:

I'm open to suggestions on initial things to check/do with this bike. It appears mostly stock except for a White Bros pipe. Does anyone here regularly street ride their WR? I plan on commuting it once in a while, maybe three or four days a month for a 25 mile round trip. I look forward to riding blue for a while and hope this bike lives up to the reliability I've heard of. Man, I love this bike!! :cry:

Make sure you have street legal tires! I have a 2000 Yamaha WR400F. I mostly ride on trails and gravel roads at a hunting club! I moved up from a 2002 Yamaha TT-R125L! What a difference the TT-R is a good playbike! The WR is a real race bike! I just put a K&N air filter on mine! I have Renthal handlebars, Acerbis handguards, Baja Muffler Baffle and soft tall seat foam. I'm thinking about putting a FMF exhaust system on mine. I'm curious about the XR 650L that you owned! Is the WR as fast as the XR on acceleration and top speed? How is the WR compared to the XR? Pros and Cons! :cry::cry::cry:

The XR650L is not impressive in stock form, it's a real let down. But once you open it up a bit it comes alive. Jetting, air filter and exhaust are absolutely essential, I don't know how anyone drives a XR650L in stock form. The XR has a lot of low end torque, it doesn't need to be revved much to go where you want it to and I enjoyed the easy wheelies. The WR is much quicker to rev, seems like a two stroke compared to the XR but it can still be lugged a bit. I don't know about top end speed, they seem about equal I guess. I took the XR up to about 90mph or so. I don't have a speedometer on the WR yet but it feels like it could go over 80. I wouldn't go back to a XR unless I planned on riding 90% street and just basic trails. I won't be doing a lot of street riding on the WR, probably just to connect trails and once in a while to work just because it's such a cool bike.

Only "must have" mods are a quieter pipe (I have a FMF Q and really like it) and get the suspension set for your size and style of riding. Great bike out of the box for the most part.

You mention that it appears mostly stock. I would do a search (if you haven't already on this site for "free mods". These include removing the air box lid. Cutting the "Grey Wire". Installing a YZ throttle stop or shaving your WR throttle stop. The thing is, with all these mods done, your WR can appear mostly stock. However, if these have not yet been done and you were to do them, you would see why we do the free mods. Re-jetting of the carb is a must if these were or are to be done. You can also advance the cam timing to YZ spec. This will further awaken your WR....You will love the WR.

Welcome to the blue side.

You will love your WR.

I noticed "tnt" in your handle . Does that have anything to do with Can am?

I saw the E-series pipe listed on your add-on list. That pipe can be pretty loud. I only know of one company that makes anything to quiet it down and that's quiet products( They make a thing that fits over the top of the discs.

Congrats on the new bike. If the bike has a plate from Alaska you should be able to get a Californial plate, it's just like buying a streetbike.... If I were you I wouldn't turn your bike into a commuter. The 5th gear in the bike doesn't like to be ridden hard on pavement, only my opinion here... Have fun with your new bike, let us know what happened at the DMV. I'll bet you get a plate... :cry:


I have a 98 WR-400 and it has been very dependable. I just change the oil about every 50 to 100 miles and use Mobil 1. Change the filter about every third oil change. I will be upgrading and adding dual sport kit so I can license it. I also have a 2003 WR-450. I still think the Wr-400 starts easier. I haven't learned the tricks to start the WR-450 yet. It will start easy if I have ridden it in the last day. Good luck. I think the 400 is a great bike. The 450 is also awesome and I am able to lift the front end easier.

Great choice on the bike, I would say the necessary mods have already been mentioned.

Keep the oil changed, and the chain lubed.

you may want to re grease up the swingarm bearings, and the steering head bearing, Some have installed grease points to both.

If you take it off road you will go through tires quickly, just cause the bike has so much power your tire spins alot.

Good luck, you have come to the right place for help.


Just an update, I got my CA plate today. If anyone buys an out of state dual sported bike, be sure that the previous owner signs at least 7500 miles on the title. I don't plan on doing a lot of street driving with this bike, but it's nice to have the plate to connect trails and also so I can put this bike on the back of the motorhome when we are vacationing. So far I found out I have the airbox lid removed and the throttle screw cut. Still don't know about the infamous gray wire and the cam timing adjusted to YZ specs. Happpy holidays and keep the rubber side down.

... If anyone buys an out of state dual sported bike, be sure that the previous owner signs at least 7500 miles on the title...

I'm not from California, but a bit curious on this 7500 mile deal. You left us hanging on it :cry::cry:

If a motorcycle (or car I think?) doesn't have CA emissions it has to have at least 7500 miles or they won't register it. One of those silly CA rules, we have plenty more to go with that.

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