Need pics of Supertrapp IDS2 on a 650L

I just installed mine and while everything is on and ok. Sure seems to hang out the back a long ways. Really doesn't look like it can go on any other way though. I'd like to see some pics of the IDS2 on someone elses 650L

Also, I just put the stock set of disks in. Sure doesn't seem like enough flow area for a big 650. I think I'll buy another pack of disks and get it up to at least 10 or so. I've done all the other requisit mods, (smog pump, 14/48 sprockets, D606 tires, Uni filter, moded air box, moded seat, 58 pilot, 155 main, drilled slide, raised needle, removed ALL unnecessary stuff). I haven't had it on the road yet to see the effect on jetting. I had the stock pipe insert out so I'd guess that with the stock disk set (7 or 8 I believe) it should be jetted pretty well. I'd assume that if I up the disks to 10 or so I might have to up the main jet. Any input on the number of disks I should run?

I too would like to see some pics if anyone has put one on. By the way I have done all the mods you have done, except the modded seat, what exactly is a modded seat, and could you post a pic.

Thanks, Babbs

ttt, nobody has an ids2 they can take a pic of?

I just installed mine the other day, I didnt notice it sticking back further...I will try to take a pic tomorrow ... my IDS2 had a note with it from Supertrapp telling me that with my quiet core version, ( it arrived with quiet core, I didnt order it specifically ), any more than 6 discs will make absolutely no difference, that the quiet core wont flow any more than 6 can handle ... I put 9 in it anyway ... lol

P.S. ... mine came with 12 discs, plus a headpipe

I walked out and took couple of pics of mine, but am now waiting to see if I can post them ... Evidently I need to be OK'd for pic-posting .. ?? ..

ok, I went out and took a couple of pics ... hopefully these will post, first time I tried to send a pic in here ...

I went online for a pic of a stock XR650L ... compared it to pics of mine...stock muffler and Supertrapp seem to be exactly same length, end of pipe about midway between TV set/tailite bases ...

I guess that sounds about where mine is at. Just seems like they could have tucked it up a little closer, but then there would have been no room for their logo. So the mounting bolt for it goes into the subfram tab where the turn signal mounted. that's the only thing in the vicinity.

I just put the stack of 12 disks in mine as well. I sure does sound a lot better than the stocker with the baffle removed. Have not done any full throttle runs yet to see if it affected my jetting. Maybe today.

Thanks for your help, but if you do get pics, please post them

yes, I have two pics, but I am not "authorized" to post photos in here, I guess..I sent a mail request to post pics to the Site Administrator, havent heard back yet ... muffler does clamp off the turn-signal bracket,.. and be sure to tighten your bolts starting at the engine, and work your way back to the rear ... sorry about all the posts I made, I was "confused" last night ... lol :cry:

Pictures cannot be directly posted in this forum.

You can put URLs to the pics here or go to Pics and Vids forum and post directly.

code is turned off for the entire forum not just you :cry:

Hope it helps :cry:

thanks for the help ... I went to the Pics/Vids Forum, but I am also listed as "unable to post attachments" at that site, too ... but shouldnt matter this time, the Supertrapp seems to be exactly the same length as stock, when mounted ...

An attachment and a image are different Here is the info on the image


The >Usage [img]value

Example Usage forum_new.gif (Not linked)

forum_new.gif (Linked)

Look on the bottom where it says code is on or off. That will tell you if you can post a picture. Click the link and it will give the above information.

P.S. the image needs to be hosted somwhere else. ie.... photobucket

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