05 WR450F or 04 WR450F

I have the choice of the 05 and the 04. I know they have differences. One has a bigger tank, seat height etc. Which way should I go. The 05 is comfortable. Pros and Cons to each.

Thanks. let me know. will check back after i eat chow. :cry:

main diff i know is the 05 is green stickered in cali. Not much use to you being in OR

they both are great bikes. if you have a choice between the both and they are new though, then it just depends on the price. if you can get the 04 cheaper then do it. other than that you wouldnt really notice a difference between the two.good luck :cry:

The '05 has better looking graphics. If you can't ride fast then you better look good riding slow! :cry:

Seriously, I was torn between the '04 and '05 myself. I got the '05 mainly because of the Renthal bars and the radiator change (YZ radiators for '05). The '04 doesn't have the extra smog crap on it like the '05 and does have a slightly larger tank. I ended up with a killer deal and now have the '05 in the garage. Since I never owned a new bike before I thought I'd treat myself. Hooray for the $0, $0, $0 deal this month.


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