WR450-Springs for forks and shock???

What brand and where is the best place to purchase fork springs and a shock spring. I'm looking for a .46 for the forks and a 5.2 kg for the shock. From what I've read the front is a .47 stock (I've also read .46 in places) and the rear a 5.0 kg. I am also thinking of putting in the Race Tech gold valve front and back. Any thoughts?

i race motor cross with my wr 450 i am getting the forks done and the shock done all there are doing is puttong better valves in and shims.put it this way all the springs do is hold your weight and the bikes it is all in the valves and and the rest ring up a suspension place and tell them your weight and hight and what you do (ie) motor cross,trail riding they will tell you the best thing to do better still ring rach tech themselfs thay will point you the right way hope this helps let me know how it goes. :cry:

your manual is going to have your stock spring rates listed. check it out first. if your going to spend the money for springs and put in gold valves, why not just give both ends to a suspension shop and have it done right. find someone who knows yamahas.

I like to do things myself if I can... like to see how things work. :-) Not to mention the savings on labour. I know a lot of guys can't be bothered, but like I said above, I also may learn something from it. Besides, I used to road race and the couple of times I had someone else work on the bike it cost me a sh$t load of money and nothing but grief. Don't have a manual for the bike... bought it used.

can't blame you for wanting to do it yourself. i'm kind of scared of the new suspension. i figure by the time i buy the right tools and pay someone to recharge the shock, i'd be better off letting them do it. if your comfortable with the info you've gotten from race-tech, go for it. they're a good place to get springs too. do a little asking around about spring rates. it always seemed r.t.'s charts were off a bit. i'm 200 lbs and went to a 5.8 on the rear. '03 front are supposed to be 0.46's. mine were re-valved for rocks and roots, they left the stock fronts in.

good luck. when you get the suspension the way you want it, it's like a whole new bike.

by the way, see if you can't get that manual. they're very complete.

Actually, I just downloaded it. It's in PDF format which isn't too bad. Just have to print off the stuff I need. I checked the Race Tech web site and used there little calculator deal that they have. It says that I need a .46 front and a 5.2 rear. They must calculate in the riding gear as it asks for your weight without. Your weight is with or without gear? I want mine setup for hare scrambles/motocross. I will only be doing a few motocross races next year, but would like to do the whole hare scrambles series. As for tools... it helps when you have a buddy that is a moto mechanic!!! He's just not into the suspension thing... but he has the tools I need!!! :cry: That is why you have to take care of your friends because you never know. :cry:

Ive always been happy with race tech, however they told me that they allow 10 pounds for gear. If you wear a camelback and carry some tools like I do you should let them know when you ask them about springs so you get the right ones. Scott

I had thought about that. The only problem is sometimes I may, for hare scrambles, and other times I won't, motocross. It'll have to be a compromise! I'll probably get it set up for my heaviest weight (everything on) including tools etc. That way I should be good for motocross where the possability of bottoming is greater.

According to the '03 manual the stock front springs are .43 in the US and .42 in the euro versions. The shock spring is a 5.2 in the US and 4.9 in the euro. I weigh ~180 w/o gear and I went up to a 5.6. Very happy with it. Contrary to popular belief it does not make the bike ride stiffer just more balanced. With the stock spring you need to run a ton of preload to get the sag correct. The heavier spring also transfers some of the weight to the front wheel which makes the bike turn much better. I looked at the Racetech chart also before making the switch and their recommendation seemed way off to me. Check with some of the other reputable suspension shops and compare their recommendations. I will admit that I do not like mushy suspension but IMO you may be headed the wrong way with those spring rates (at least the rear).

better check that manual again. in the "TUN" section of my '03 manual it shoes the "STD" fork spring as 0.460.

Ooops... You're right. I misread the chart.

I looked at the Racetech chart also before making the switch and their recommendation seemed way off to me. Check with some of the other reputable suspension shops and compare their recommendations.

Not much difference from stock. As for checking other suspension shops... I don't have any around here. Can anyone recommend a place where a person could get the correct information for spring rates. I've emailed Race Tech but haven't heard back yet. Who else would be a good company to contact for this info? Or a chart on-line? I could probably scour the web, but if someone could recommend that would be much quicker.

I have a set of front forks and a rear shock

off of a 2001 yz426 for sale.

Swing arm also.

Cheap if your interested,

Excellent condition.

try looking up factory connection. they also have a line of their own springs. i had mine done by rocky mountain racing works in colorado. they use factory connection springs.

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