Tonapah Nevada ?

Anyone have any experience riding in the Tonapah or Manhatten and Belmont mining districts north of there? I would like to plan a couple day trail ride in these areas for this fall.


Check out this post on DRN - might give you some ideas for riding in Nevada.

I'm interested riding that part of Nevada just not sure I can afford the vacation time or if I could keep up with your & your riding partners.



You're always welcome on our rides. Thanks for the link. I will be investigating Tonapah over the next few weeks to see what can be done up that way. October will be the month i'd like to do it. I'll keep you posted.


Glenn and Brian, You guys are more that welcome to ride me and my friends. Every so often we'll go on a ride that starts from HWY 395 near Olancha. The first day we ride to Tonopah, the second day we'll leave tonopah and ride through Area 51 where we'll grab an Alienburger and ride into Mesquite AZ, the third day is spent riding to Pahrump NV over Mt. Charleston. Finally the next day we'll make it bake to Olancha. Overall the ride is right at 1000 miles, we all carry Garmin's and the whole ride is mapped out, nothing but good times with good people, we stay at casino's too. Just a thought. We also go on quick 500 mile rides to Laughlin all the time, those are fun too.... :)

I met a nice guy on TT that went with us and I think he had the time of his life..


I'm thinking I might buy a BRP if I take you up on the invite. Sounds like an absolute blast of a trip.

I've done Hacienda St Veronica to Mike's Sky Ranch & back in a weekend and that was incredible. I can only imagine what my ass might feel like with another 700 miles on it :)

Dan - was it one of your buddies that had a pic of an ATK with saddle bag tanks in Dirt Rider a while back? The rider was from TO.


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Brian, YES!! That's one of the ATK's that goes!! In fact That bike broke a timing belt on our last big ride outside of Tonopah and had to be towed back into town! Now they carry extra belts just in case. Those tanks are pretty neat, I prefer my 4.0 IMS. You should try one of our Laughlin trips this year, yea the riding's fun and all but I like it when get to the casino's. 1000 miles is alot too , the second day is over 300 miles long and I carry 6 gallons total, 4 on the bike and 2 in my backpack, thank god that alot of my friends ride XR650R's cause they always run out of gas first before my dad's and my WR's.

I'll keep you posted on the next ride, we usually go right after summer.

Cheers, Dan

Dan, the thousand mile ride might be a little more fun than i want in one chunk but the Laughlin ride sounds like fun. Where's your start and finish for the Laughlin ride?


Glenn, I've been on the Laughlin ride 9 times, most of the time we leave from the Barstow area but sometimes we leave from Lucerne Valley. I would really like to leave from Big Bear. I will find out tonight when the next trip will be and let you know. :)

Hey! This sounds like my kind of adventure :). Would love to have the opportunity to ride either of these. What are the chances??? :D

Rock, You are the man if you plan on driving down from WA to go on a hot trip across the desert, what are the chances of YOU going?? I would have to say you're there!!!, I'll keep you guys posted.

Well, lets say I'd like to ride either of these, but I'd rather wait till fall. Grew up in Southern California, rode in the desert and have riddeen LA-B-V half a dozen times, among other events. I'd wilt in the 110 temps. :) October, Novermber, etc. months would suit me better. :D

Have lived in the Northwest since 74, makes me a legimate Old Timer. :D And I like the natural air conditioning in the NW.

Keep me in mind when it cools off a bit!

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