Yz450wr Vs Ktm 450/525 Exc ?

I'm looking in the near future of purchasing a trail bike that will be used for just about everything else besides Motocross, and Desert Racing. Occassionally I would ride it on a motocross track, but of course just for fun riding etc.. I'm around 5-8 and about 184 Lbs, and NOT blessed with long legs, I have around a 30 inch inseam.

I'm leaning towards the EXC for the seat height is lower than the WR's and that is a very important issue for me because it would be a big issue in tight turns on narrow trails to be able to touch down as soon as possible for balance. I currently have an 05 YZ250FS and the height of the bike is killing me. When ever I come to a stop, or have the need to throw a leg down, the tall height of the bike hapers my ability(s).

While I have ridden the 450WR, the same seat height problems pop up now and again. Other than that, I like the (WR) bike! So out of the three bikes, which would be a good choice do you think, and why? Also, does the 525 have a big difference of power than the 450 EXC? What about the EXC 450's power compared to the 450 WR's power output?

Sorry for the long post....


if you've got a 30 inseam, none of the new bikes are going to fit you. unless you just want the power of a big bore, have a suspension shop lower you bike. they can take an inch or two out of both ends. it's cheaper than a new bike. as far as bikes go, your in the yamaha forum. we've made our choice, and it's blue. i have to say though, there are few bikes that can touch a 525 ktm.

the 05 wr450 is alot lower, i sat on one at the dealership and it felt too low for me ! but man it balanced a whole lot better than the 04 :cry:

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