Rekluse Rear Brake

Does anyone know where to buy a rekluse rear brake assy to fit on the handlebars in Canada.


You could just order by phone, the number is (208)426-0659

it's on the Rekluse web site. They have a toll free number but I can't find it at the moment.

You can't place an order to Canada on their web page.

I live in BC and ordered my clutch by phone and, shipping was very quick.

Recieved it within 3 days.

Where did you buy your clutch and where abouts are you in Canada?

I actually live in Australia but I have friends going to Canada over christmas and was trying to save a bit on shipping. In the end I was able to buy it in Australia for about the same price. I haven't received the rear brake assy yet but if it only works half as well as the auto clutch I will be a verry happy chappy. :cry:

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