86 XL600R rear disc brake conversion...

Anyone have info on converting the rear drum to disc on this bike?

Are you having problems with the stock setup? The drum setup is fine on mine (same year and model). I haven't noticed any fade, and I can lock up the rear any time I want.

Changing to a rear disc setup will require: A new hub (or complete wheel if you already have a suitable unit), caliper, support arm to keep it from rotating, a way to bolt that to your swingarm (or a new swingarm), a master cylinder and a way to mount it to the frame, and a brake lever or a way to get the stock one to work with the master cylinder. Don't forget you will also need to make sure your brakelight switch will still work. :cry:

It ain't worth it. I'd get a newer bike before I attempted to modify the one I have.

Ok...I'm screaming uncle....I will take your advise...Maybe if I would just change the shoes it would make a diff.....Sure would be a lot less painfull on my wallet....thanks for the input....This project is in the trash...

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