Header heat shield

I posted before about this but there was not alot of info! Do they make any kind of heat shield for the white bros carbon pro? Or is there anyone who has made one that is good looking and functional?

Thanks, Jason

is it for the header or for the silencer? i wrapped my entire exhaust with exhaust wrap. it helps keeping my entire exhaust from burning holes in things or from burning myself. hope that helped.

It is for the heaper pipe! does the exhaust wrap material hold up to wear and tear?

If you contact e-line they will build one to fit for you.

Do you still have the stock one? If you do, use some hose clamps and a couple pieces of metal bent in a "U"

Drill a hole for the screw one side of the "U" and stick the other side under the clamp. Cheap and works great.

I had one of the E-line carbon fiber ones and it was almost 3 times the weight of the stock one and cost $100 :cry:

I dont run one, is that bad? I have yet to burn myself or anything else for that matter.

I did not get the exhaust yet it should be here any day, I was just concerned thet it would burn my pants I will just have to see!

I have run header wrap on all our bikes for the past few years. It works great and holds up great, well assuming you dont shed it with the power washer. I wrap all the way to the silencer since it helps to minimize the heating of the carb and the shock resevoir too.

an unprotected pipe will not only burn your pants, but will also cause 3rd degree burns if you are unlucky enough to get stung by it.

where do y'all get header wrap, is it something fancy and spendy, or can it be picked up at autozone.

and.......is it ugly..........how do you hold it on?


Look on the web for DEI header wrap. They also make stainless steel zip tie clamps for the wrap to secure it to the header and midpipe. TT store sells the wrap, and might even be able to get the SS clamps for it too. A 50' roll of 2" wrap will wrap 2 - 3 bikes, so you can replace it later on. DO NOT spray it with the pressure washer. :cry:

It's good stuff and well worth doing.

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