best price for wr450 2005?


I found $5899 at:

It is not listed, I called them.


John Groner

2600 Rangeline

Columbia, MO 65202

Has anyone used this company? Any problems?

Anywhere better price???

Thanks for any suggestions!

I looked at a couple of his auctions...and they said WE DO NOT SHIP, buy must be present at Dealership to pick up bike. Not sure where you are located..but just wanted to make sure you picked up on that.

I got my 05 WR450 for $6199 (no fees) in Oregon. So, if you can get the price he quoted you and are local or can figure out how to get it home...that $ rocks.

If you are local to MO, I'd give Chris Huff @ Surdyke Yamaha in festus a call. 1-800-748-8454. I called Procycle before I bought my '04 in July & was'nt impressed with them that much. I ended up going to Surdyke instead & was glad that I did. The cheapest "OTD" price I got was actually from, but I decided to pay a couple hundred more & just buy locally. It's nice to have your dealer as close as possible... Plus, I was afraid to drive all the way to Chi-town & have the possibility of getting "jerked around" anyway...

The deals are out there, you just have to work at finding them. Personally, I wouldn't trust an internet broker with such a large purchase. But hey, that's just me.

I talked to at least four different local dealers and even got a recommendation from Mark2025 for a local salesman. I worked a great deal and got the bike for $6,115.00 out the door (6K for the bike and 115 for title and ORV).

What is it worth to you to save $100 bucks or so by buying from an internet store. The dealers will give you extra incentive to buy from them like parts and gear discounts. It's your decision in the end so make and educated one and call around first or get some feedback from other who have bought on-line.


I bought my "04" WR450 last spring from Pro Cycle.

Did a lot of shopping around Missouri including the St.Louis area.

Pro Cycle had beat everybody's price by 7 to 8 hundred dollars O.T.D and could get one in a week. So I ordered one.

When it got there three weeks later they had added $400 to the price tag calling it setup and transportation charges.

After I made a scene they dropped those charges to $180.

The reason I still bought the bike is that even with the extra charges, they still beat everybody's price by $500 and the bike is setting there ready to load up.

Everybody I talked to that had delt with them said they had the best price

around, but all agreed they were a bunch of J.O.'s.

If I have any problems with the bike, they will not be working on it.

Buyers Beware.


My local dealer gave me a "bro" deal of $6600.00 OTD That includes all setup,throttle stop,lid and jetting. Yamaha has some incredable financing going on right now, either interest free for a year or 3.9 percent for two years. What I like about interest free for a year is it gives me time to sell my current bike, when I do I'll pay off the new bike with some extra cash and I have a year to do it. This makes is easy for me..

I've been talking to the infamous LA-Yamaha for the best deal on the WR, their lowest price is 6999.00 OTD I feel I'm getting a fair deal considering I'm on the west coast.

What other prices are you guys getting?


I'm in San Diego and I have been using the LA Cycle Internet prices as reference points to get my last three bikes. That's what I got my 05 for $6999 otd. I went to the dealer I got my last bike at to get that price, two other dealers said they would not deal because they were only getting two per month and selling them at full pop.

Once again the high cost of living in SoCal. But I went ridding last weekend in 78 degree temps!! :cry:

What other prices are you guys getting?

I just picked up my new '05 for $5695.00 OTD in Romney, WV.

I just picked up my new '05 for $5695.00 OTD in Romney, WV.

But you still have to pay taxes, right? I can get some great deals out of state but when I go to register the bike, my CA DMV wants to see some tax money regardless of it origin. I paid 449.50 in taxes alone. It brought my total to 6674.50 OTD

Dealer cost on the bike is around $5680.00

Nope, no taxes. You don't have to register off road bikes here. There is no way I could afford to live in Cali. Riding all year long without freezing would be nice though.

Dealer cost on the bike is around $5680.00

If that is really dealer cost then there must be some dealer incentives from Yamaha or something. I can't believe they only made $15 on the deal.

I just noticed that I also paid a $25 document fee that raised the OTD total to $5720.00. That's still not much of a profit margin above $5680.00.

Romney Cycle Center 304-822-3933

I'll send you a pic of the invoice if you want. :cry:

Stone, a buddy of mine owns a dealership, that's what he told me...

So, how much did you pay in taxes for your 05? Just curious..... :cry:

Dan :cry:

I live in VA and bought the bike in WV so I didn't pay any taxes. The only way I will ever have to pay taxes is if I license it for the highway.

I live in VA and bought the bike in WV so I didn't pay any taxes. The only way I will ever have to pay taxes is if I license it for the highway.

That's what I figured... OTD in CA means: Price,freight,setup,license and title fees,TAX and Doc fees..... You're a lucky man that VA doesn't have sales tax on bikes... In California we have to pay tax regardless of where we're going to ride it... :cry:


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