SETRA YZ450 racers? have to pit for fuel?

Any SETRA YZ450 racers here?

I'm putting the YZ450 tank on my WR444 I'm just curious if I'll need to pit now for fuel

thanks in advance Mega

I get about 18 miles per gallon racing hare scrambles. I put a clarke 2.5 gallon tank on and I'm real happy with it.

I could go 30-35 miles on the stock tank. I race the morning race, so if it was 3 laps I wouldn't worry about gas, but anything longer I had to stop. I put on a clarke and I can go the whole time now with no problem.

Hey SETRA guys. Me and a few buddies are planning on making the drive down for the Hare Scramble on the 9th...any word on what to expect out of the track?

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