anyone know actual bike weight?

does anyone know the actual weight of the various Yamaha thumpers? Not the Yamaha published weight, but the "real" weight?

98-99 400; 00-02 426; and 03-04 450?

I put my 450 on the scale with oil and a almost empty tank and it's 237

On a scale at my work used for weighing pallets, my 1999 400F weights with oil and a full tank of gas 252 LBS :cry:

I have a picture of my brand new 03 450 on a large digital commercial scale,(Built in Floor) with full fluids, yes gas to the brim, it was 244lbs.

Yeah....I'm curious about my '02 YZ426 too. Anyone actually weigh one of those?

Someone has posted a picture of an 03 450 with gas on a shipping scale and it was like 242.

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