Decomp. Plug


I got the T.T. Decomp. Plug, now how do I remove the OEM rubber piece?

There's not much room to work and I was hoping that someone had come up with a way to get at it without removing the radiator. Was there supposed to be instructions with this? :cry:



04 wr450f

I had the same problem, and I had to Lassen the radiator on that

side to get the old seal out, just drain the antifreeze down, so you can remove

the top clamp and the two bolts holding it to the frame, then you can get

enough room to get the seal out with a long thin screw driver ( carefully )

it does not take to long to do.

Also I used the old cable top clamp to help hold the plug in there with

only a little modification.

G Luck :cry:

Thanks for the advise, worked great! :cry:


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