I Went Pinger On You Guys.......

Well most of you know I sold the legedary YZ426/450/4whatever. My new bike is here and yes...it's a pinger. Everyone I have talked to that has the 05 YZ250 loves them....even guys who used to ride thumpers. I just had an itch for something different and I am sure my next bike (after the YZ250) will again be a thumper. This is kind of a 40 year olds last chance to go retro with a bike that kicks butt!

I will be around TT still though......unless you guys disown me ! LOL

Here it is....first the applied top clamp, Pro tapers, 756's and new chain go on before it ever sees the dirt!


Congrats Satch! Im in the same position, sold my 426, and hopefully a 05' YZ250 will be sitting beside my Christmas tree this saturday! Please be sure to post a detailed ride report, and compare the two bike. Thanks,

You should have loads of fun (and air time :cry: ) with that bike! :cry:

You traitor ! :cry::cry:

Oh man, look at thing in the crate. Looks aweesome. I love the beer can frames, so factory looking. Better than the Honda's which look great also.

Keep me away from my credit card please. I need one of those bikes. :cry:

I switch brands and types of bikes every few years. It keeps my interest in riding alive. If I had to ride the same bike all of the time, I would get bored.

Looks good!!! My neighbor down the street just got one and I went riding with him last Thanksgiving. He absolutly loves it, but don't forget to break it in. My buddy wanted to open it up he knows how critical the first couple of gas tanks are.

Congrat's Satch! :cry: They are a nice bike, i'm sure you'll love it. :cry::cry::cry:

Give it hell Satch, I just love the 450 to much to switch!

Congrats nice bike - I know many thumper owners that have switched to the 05 YZ - I rode it it is sweet - I am just too lazy to change my riding style to suit a 2stroke - I found it to be too much work for me -

So I wait and wait for the "as close to perfect 4stroke" to come out........... :cry:

My 450 only gets ridden when there is mud on the track. The rest of the time I've got my new 125 pinned. It is without a doubt the funnest bike I've ever ridden.

I finally even raced it last week. It was really pretty funny to look around and be the only two-stroke on the line. At 185 lbs I was the biggest guy on the line riding the smallest bike. I was expecting to have to fight my way up from last place each time but in 4 out of 4 starts I never went through the first turn worse than third.

The whole time I was sitting in the pit area people were walking by making two stroke noises. It was really funny and I went home with a big smile on my face.

To me 2-strokes are just more fun. I turn faster lap times on the 450 but when I ride it I feel like I'm just out there to get the job done but on my 125 I seem to have a smile on under the helmet. That smile is more important to me these days than lap times. :cry:


The 125 is a sleeper for sure. People that havent ridden one have no idea.

I call it the fun factor. That is the same smile I get when I beat the big bores in the vet class. "The funnest bike I have ever ridden" is the exact same comment I made after breaking in my YZ250F........:cry:

Congrats Satch! Nice bike for sure. Keep us informed: first feelings and what you discover "new" when you get more used to it. Always use a good two-stroke oil in premix. I use Shell castor based oil developed for go-karts in our 85 (when not below zero degrees). I only hear good about it.

Boy could I make up my mind, 125 or 250 or 250F. But I think I keep also the 450, at least to start with. If it ends up in the corner, it has to go.


Can't say thats a bad decision, Yamaha stepped up to the plate with the YZ. Maybe the 06 YZ450( if they go aluminum)will bring you back to cams and valves. Be sure to let us know if the frame has any handling quirks, I just don't trust the magazines any more.

Gonzo, I saw your latest comment about 125 handling like a mountainbike etc., but then it disappeared :cry: What happened?

Anyway, it made me consider the 125 even harder...

I just picked up an 05 yz250 to have in addition to my 04 450f. Comming of the thumper and riding a 2-smoke seems like its alot harder than it was comming off my old 2-smoke WR and onto the thumper. So far I have say that I love the new yz though. It's really resposive and nimble, but quite nervous like some of the other 250s. The 2-smoke yz is a fun bike!

I think going from 2 to 4 stroke is easier for most riders than it is going the other way. Trying to ride both types is proving too difficult for my limited ability.

Thanks everyone. I will chime in again once I get some seat time on the bike. Right now I am just getting it set up for me. I have only had one thumper in my life and that was the 426. It was a great bike and as you guys know I had a ball with it.

The 250 will be challenging but I heard alot of times that I was trying to ride my 426 like a two stroke......of course it didn't seem to mind! LOL The first 3-6 months I had the 426 I will be honest...I hated it. But as I made changes to the bike and my riding style I came to love the torque and learned how to use it. I suppose now I will have to spend some time learning how to use the 250's power. Guess I will have to remember how to use a clutch huh? LOL


First off... "CONGRATS" on your new bike. :cry: I bet you will re-adjust to the smoker in no time flat :cry: .

Now as for disowning you... Not unless you changed colors on us :cry::cry::cry::lol:


p.s. do ya have any 426 parts that are collecting dust in your shop? :D

Gonzo, I saw your latest comment about 125 handling like a mountainbike etc., but then it disappeared :cry: What happened?

Anyway, it made me consider the 125 even harder...

I screwed up something in that post and deleted it and never put it back up. I was at work. But yea its not even like your riding a motorcycle. It's more like a BMX bike. Go ride one. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Switching between 2 stroke and 4 is not fun. The 4 stroke seems slow and the 2 stroke feels like some installed nitrous when your riding the 4. Youget back on it and you feel like its your first day again. My original intention was to keep my 250f but I couldnt do it. So I went to the 125. Thought I would be down on power. But nope.

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