Power Washers

I want to buy a power washer after seeing how clean everyone's bikes are in the posts here. There seems to be a very large range of products available:

- Electric powered

- Compressed air powered

- Gas powered

What's best? I'd probably wash the car with it too. I don't feel like overspending on one if a lesser one will do.



I know there are better washers out there but I bought an electric washer at Walmart for under $100. I think it is around 1200 psi and I have been using it a couple times a week for two years with no trouble at all.



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I'm also interested. I'd like mine to be gas powered so I could take it to the track.

Also would my water source have to be pressurized or is a holding tank ok?

Any thoughts guys?



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Bill, I've got a 3600 psi Generac that does a great job that I found in a pawn shop for $125.00 . A friend of mine has hooked it up to his gravity feed tank on the back of his trailer twice and it did fine. He say's that the Generac and the brand they sell at walmart (Can't remember the brand right now) will both work with the G-feed because they both have recycler pumps on them. I know it's nice when he rides with us, wash on site and chill out when we get to the house.

My opinion, I wouldn't use a power washer on the bike. Invest in some Simple-Green. This stuff works great. I use it all the time on my WR. Besides you won't wash all the grease from the bearings using a regular hose and Simple-Green. My 2 cents. :)


Unfortunately, I did wash the grease out using Simple Green and a garden hose. I was changing tires at Mike68's house and the front wheel bearings were just about frozen. I figure if I'm going to have to regrease it, I might as well blast it with a power washer and make it REALLY clean!


domo aray gato,


I know better than use a power washer (and don't) but, it would be great to have one for the house and if I ever race, to clean the bike between motos. If you can't be fast, might as well look good :)



IF you want to use it at the track YamaCazi is absolutely correct. Many models of Power Washers require a NPSH, net positive suction head, which is water pressure at the suction of the pump. I had a gas powered PW and now an electric. Both of mine require(d) a NPSH.

MCarp, what did you think of riding in NH? Did Mike68 give our state justice? :)


I think you meant tripm, not mcarp?? I liked the NH so much I MOVED THERE. And I'm not kidding. I spiked my tires and rode all winter with Mike68.


How is old Mike68 anyway....anybody know how much longer until his self imposed exile ends?

I think Mike's been busy at work.



You are absolutely correct. My head was, once again, in La-La land. :)

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Hello Guys yes you can use a holding tank, I would recomend to mount it above the pressure washer with a bottom drain. We have put a few gas powered washers into school districts. We purchase the GENERAC P/W from Home Depot. I also have one at home I use. For normal cleaning I only use a hose but if it's muddy uot comes the power washer. Be careful not to spray on decals unless you want them removed.

Remenber To Ride Often And Ride Safe.

My dad and I bought a Karcher pressure washer, rated at 2300 PSI. Gas powered, and does not need pressure to flow water, although it is VERY easy to vapor lock the hose if it's not pressurized. It's got a 5 hp motor I think, and flows 2.3 GPM. It washes off anything we have ever dished out to it. It's got enough PSI to cut right clean through my seat cover (I found that out...) if it's less than 6" away. Dirt just melts away though.

We take along some Castrol Super Clean, or Purple Muscle. Spray that on the engine, hubs, and wheels, as well as any plastic that we don't care about the glossy finish to. (It gets rid of it in one or two washes) The dirt does litterally just melt off...even after sitting a day or two, and being clay based. DO NOT let that stuff sit on more than a minute though, even less (30 seconds) on any chrome or aluminum. It streaks it bad. If you've got silver shiny rims that you want to keep looking new, don't use it on them.

As far as the set-up, we usually have always just dropped a hose into a 30 or 55 gallon drum, standing upright, and sucked it out. We are going to I think though, mount a hose connector to the one opening on the top, and lay the Plastic drum down...adding some pressure. The initial sumping is the worst....

Almost two years ago, dad got in a hurry, and had it sitting on the tailgate of the truck. He backed up, then went forward. Well, the washer fell on the engine, handle, and wheel, breaking a hunk out of the pump casing, bending the main handle all up, and busting off a wheel. Got replacement parts (always nice to have them available!) and works good as new!!


Mike is in his early 30's and has been here, I've seen him reply to some posts. He is very busy at work and has been trying to find time to spend time with his kids(dogs) wakeboard, mtn bike and ride the blue beast.

I talk to him daily and will be going up to NH soon for a ride.

Oh the life of a single guy :) Him not me :D


I got a 3 gallon bug sprayer from Home Depot for $15.00. You know the kind, you pump it up and it has a wand at the end of a hose.I put Simple Green in it and the wand lets me get to all those hard to reach places. Just hose the bike down, spray it like I am trying to deroach it and hose it again. Let it dry and spray the bike down with Armoral. The whole process takes about an hour including throwing a fresh air filter in it. I have checked the wheel bearings three times this year and the waterproof Bellray grease has been fine. I clean the chain with Simple Green and have 600 miles on the bike ( all sand and mud ). The chain and sprokets show little wear. I have a air boot cover from Acerbis and I Simple Green the air box spotless. I swear by Simple Green, I have gotten it in my eyes with no ill effects and it does a great job on the plastic with out harming it. For the scratched in dirt I use a little Simple Green on a well worn scrunge pad, it takes the dirt out w/out harming the plastic. Everytime I go to a new place to ride people ask me if I am taking the bike out for the first time. My wife uses it to get the oil stains out of my clothes. I wash my hands with it when I get grease or air filter oil on them. You can get it in about 1 1/2 gallon jugs at auto parts stores for about $8.00

Hi Guys,

I,m New to the group, just purchased a 01 wr426a few months ago and a friend(yz400f owner) recommended Zep citrus all purpose cleaner. I hosed the bike off and then sprayed Zep all over the bike, waited a few minutes and hosed it off. Takes everything off, leaves no film and only costs $6.99 per gal. @ Home Depot. It's good to be back on a dirt-bike after 9-years.

Hope to see a lot of YZF fans down at

Washougal on Sunday.



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